The things I know now

I feel that the last few weeks have been filled with a lot of pregnancy and birth announcements. It has been a wonderful thing filling my social media timelines, and has  made me reminisce about my pregnancy, and the time since Noah was born. So I thought I would share some little pearls of wisdom and experiences that I have gained, now I am 18months into the game of life as a parent.

During Pregnancy


  • Morning sickness is a lie. I had bad sickness, and it wasn’t just contained to the morning hours. All day sickness is a good term. Also I think that it was mostly in my head, I had not had any pregnancy symptoms really (don’t know what made my friends think I was because I wasn’t convinced!) as soon as I got the positive pregnancy test the morning sickness followed suit, as if my physical awareness of my pregnancy brought on the symptoms. There is loads of ways that people cure or ease their sickness, for me it was Ritz crackers, salted Walkers french fries crisps or a couple of ginger nut biscuits to nibble on the moment I had opened my eyes in the morning.
  • I wish that I had properly admired my feet. Eventually you bump gets to a stage where you can no longer see your feet when you are standing up. And then the feet you know turn into little hooves which you prop onto furniture to alleviate some of the swelling.I also wished I had treated myself to a pedicure, when you feel like a beached whale the small things really matter, and for some reason while I was in labour I felt a little disappointed my toes were not pretty.
  • Nesting is a real thing. It takes over your mind, this absolute desire for everything to be perfect for this tiny human that you are busy growing. I had never done so much washing or dusting in my life till those last few weeks of pregnancy, or since!
  • A birth plan is a really good thing to write but try not to write it in stone. Unfortunately babies have minds of their own, I couldn’t do what I wanted on my birth plan, Noah was so far down in my pelvis that I couldn’t lift my legs to get into the birthing pool, so we had to scrap that idea and I stood in the middle of the room breathing through my contractions. Writing my birth plan was the best thing for me though, I felt super informed about the options I wanted but also about the options available to me if what I wanted couldn’t happen for any reason.

The First Year and Beyond.


  • The first rush of love in unbelievable. As a person you think you know love, but the love that hits you is like running full pelt into a speeding bus, it almost hurts how much you love this little person, how much you will do for them, the lengths you will go to protect them. As you are hit but the love bus you know that it is totally worth it.
  • With the first rush of love is a tiny bit of terror. I started thinking ‘who decided that I can look after this creature?’. When do I have to take my test like I had to when they made me responsible for a car or a bicycle? You will doubt you can do this, the future is all laid out in this little person, and as they grow and you reach milestones you start to believe in yourself a little more each time.
  • Over packing is something that will happen every time you have to go anywhere. Just popping down the shops? Cue a changing bag filled with a weeks worth of clothes, snacks for a small army if you have a baby that is weaned or a toddler, all the toys and baby entertainment devices you can cram into your bag, on top of something to protect your child from every kind of weather. You will only use about 25% of what you will take with you anywhere, yet its is also sods law that you will ‘pack light’ (if that is even possible!) and need everything you usual pack.
  • Every time you think your child has reached maximum cuteness, they knock you flat with the next dose of cute. Dare I say it some moments are even better than those puppy and kitten videos on YouTube.
  • Terrible twos can happen at any time. Noah has slid into them and every day is me trying to precariously balance around his emotions so that he doesn’t spiral into hysteria, however that is not always possible so you just have to learn to go with it. I’m pretty sure, Noah and I have only just scratched the surface of this confusing, conflicting stage and that it will get worse, however I know that after every tantrum, every crying episode that Noah will always come back for a hug whether I gather him up or he spontaneously hugs my legs (which melts me into a puddle of emotions) and I know that we are good, if only for a few minutes.

These are only a few pearls that I have gathered. If I were to sit down and go through everything that having Noah has taught me about myself, and all the things I am learning about him, we would all be here for days. Every day is a new learning experience, a new curve ball to try and catch, and new day to realise the love you feel is overflowing. Are there any you agree or disagree with, or are there any experiences I have missed that you feel are a poignant part of being a parent?


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