Ready for Spring

So its been a while since I last sat down to write a blogpost. Not a lot has happened in the past month, apart from illness running rife in our household. We have gone through everything, from the common cold through to Hand, Foot and Mouth in Noah’s case.

With the prevailing illnesses in our home, and the drugery that winter brings, I have been so excited for that first foray into the warmer months. I love winter, how everything goes into a ‘sleep’ of sorts, Autumn (or Fall) is my favourite season, its just magical how all the leaves change colour, and all the smells of wood burning from bonfire night. I love those cosy seasons, the ones which conjure up a warm feeling right in the middle of my chest. However the long dark days, and sometimes the absolutely awful weather make even my most favourite seasons feel like they are closing in on me, and in the last couple of weeks I totally lost all motivation and drive.

I didn’t want to write, I didn’t want to go out. I even stopped really caring about exercising and eating well. I just wanted to hide in a little bubble with Noah, one where we would lie on the sofa watching Toy Story movies over and over again.

However this morning was totally different. I woke up with a renewed motivation. I woke up to the sun dancing across my ceiling and the sounds of birds in the trees. It was warm enough today that I decided Noah and I would take a walk while running errands. I didn’t wear a coat, only a light cardi (oh my I’ve turned into my mother!)  and I broke out the sunglasses.

I never really thought that the weather would have an impact on my mood, but the change has been astounding. There has been a to-d0 list as long as my arm and I have spent this afternoon clearing it off. I went for a walk down to my back garden and stood there discussing with Noah what we are going to do the jungle to turn it into a garden. My windows are open and my house fills full of clean air.

Happy Spring to you all. Take this new season a a fresh start. Like all the plants and trees that find new life, find something to inspire and motivate you this month.


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