Sensational SensatioNail

Once you have sashayed over the pre-parenthood line, from having all the time in the world, to having every second completely commandeered by your small human, certain things get left by the wayside, like manicures, pedicures, getting my hair coloured and blow dried, showering regularly (surely not just me?)

  Jokes aside ( I do shower regularly!) I used to love getting my nails done, and in the 16 months since my little boy has graced my life, I’ve found the time to do it once. I used to be regimental about my nails being done, infills every 2 weeks, removal and replacement once a month. This was because for six years I had been in a job which hadn’t allowed me to wear any kind of nail enhancements, so I was in my element when I could finally get it done.

Not only do I not have two spare hours to spend sitting in a nail shop, the cost I cannot justify, not when I now run my own home, any spare money is money to be saved.

I wanted a way to paint my nails where I wouldn’t spend hours not able to touch anything for fear of smudging the fresh paint, was quick and easy to apply, and was relatively cheap, well relative to £20-£50 per time nail application (depending on where I went).

A few Christmases ago my Sister and I were gifted a SensatioNail by Nailene Starter kit from our Dad. It is a UV Gel polish system to use at home. I used it a few times, but while I could still get my nails done I wasn’t too interested in spending time doing my nails myself.


However this kit since having Noah has really come into its own. I love it so much. It’s quick and easy. There is absolutely no chance of me smudging my nails, and I can get on with my day straight away. There is a great range of colours avaliable, which is good for someone like me who likes to change things up regularly. The kit is also kind to my nails, they have been stronger since using the kit, and the gel polish is really easy to take off.

The kit is so easy to use, it came with easy step by step instructions on how, and when, to use each of the products in the kit, we also had two nail polishes and two Glitter FX puffers (only the gold pictured below), and the UV lamp required to cure the polishes.



I love how quick it is to do my nails now, I can quickly do my nails during Noah’s nap time, which would have been a brave undertaking and would have most certainly lead to smudging had I used regular polish. Now I can even change a nappy straight after application without worrying about ruining my nails and that’s sensational.

Vanilla Chai polish with Gold Glitter FX

This post is not sponsored, any opinions are my own.


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