Starting a little late…



I’m starting my first blog post of the year a little late. I have reached the blogger-sphere behind all the “New Year- New Me” posts, the plans and resolutions for how the rest of the year will pan out. Yet I’m okay with this.

My first post was always going to be a little late. The beginning of January brings a whole load more celebration, not just the New Year festivities, but my birthday (week) and my dads birthday. I was focusing on spending those special days with my family and friends.

Then I had found time to settle down and get myself sorted. I did want to have more of a plan when it came to my writing. There is so much more about myself that I want to pour into my writing and this year is going to be about exploring that. Asking You as my readers to give me feedback on which content works and what content falls flat. I treated myself to some beautiful notebooks from Next, and got myself straight onto planning different posts, and themes that I want to explore.

I then took some time for myself after receiving some awful, completely unexpected news, which was shocking for myself and many others. I didn’t feel like I could sit down behind a screen and write a happy dappy blog post, when all I was feeling was a little lost. I lost motivation in a few areas, I have been very slowly trying to change my lifestyle into a healthier one, something that I want Noah to follow. I want him to learn my good habits, rather than my habit for food binges and bad choices when choosing food that really isn’t going to fuel my body. I fell back into a bad eating pattern, didn’t want to exercise, or try and hit any of my personal daily goals.

Now I have found my motivation, I have given myself time and space mentally and physically, to try and rein in my mind which felt as if I had scattered it into the wind. I now sit behind this computer screen so excited to write again. I have so many plans for this year, and I cannot wait to share them with you all.

So here’s to the rest of the year.


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