Finding My Feet

The last time that I published a post was June 1st!

That doesn’t mean that I haven’t start to write and then scrapped the post whilst in draft.

I had hit serious writers block. I really enjoy doing my blog, but I have started to feel that I have slightly limited myself with the content that I want to post about.

Even though I love to talk, write, sing, shout from the rooftops, everything I want to share with people about Noah.

He is not the only thing I am passionate about (although he does take the top spot) in my life, or want to share.

I have decided that I am going to start writing about what I want when it suits me. I won’t force myself to work to a deadline, or to a set amount of posts per week, month or year.

I want to be able to enjoy writing again.

I want to write product review posts about the glorious products that fill my life. I want to share with you the ups and downs of weight loss and getting healthy.

Obviously I’m not going to share everything that happens in my life, yet for me to fully write about motherhood I need to branch out to fully embrace what my life is about.

Everything that makes me, me.


Watch this space, I have a post on the go which will be published shortly, it’s just a very brave post for me to write about, but all will be revealed shortly.