Due Date

40 weeks pregnant.

And there is no sign of little bumpy wanting to meet the world anytime soon.

Which is leading to a lot of impatient people, myself included!

I have been spending the last week trying to keep myself occupied and trying to forget that my impending due date was fast moving towards me, with no sign that my baby was making any movements towards being born.

I kept myself moving and spent a lovely day in town with one of my best friends. This meant that I was moving around, which is one of the tricks that I have been told to use to get labour going. Instead it just made me feel uncomfortable, and for the first time I had to use little steps in order to stop my pelvis from feeling like it was going to split in half. I spoke to my midwife and she says that it sounds like I am suffering from PGP (Pelvic Girdle Pain), which had it been an issue in the beginning part of my pregnancy I would have been offered physiotherapy as a way of easing  any discomfort. However due to me being in my last week of pregnancy, I was told to rest whenever I felt pain. Which is totally not what I want to be doing, but its best to be comfortable than in pain before everything really kicks off.

To make sure that I do not come to a total standstill I have been using my birth ball LOADS. I find it more comfortable to sit on than normal furniture, mostly because I find it easier to get back up again. Also I find that it means my knees sit at 45 degrees or lower than my hips which takes lot of pressure of my pelvis. I sit on it to watch telly, and to keep everything mobile I move my hips in little motions, circles, side to side, figures of 8. I find it helps the most to sit on the ball just before I go to bed, it means that I am woken up less in the night with hip and pelvis pain, which when I am trying to store up as much sleep as possible, is a really good thing.

I then did some research into other techniques that can help get labour started naturally.

I found that eating pineapple can help kick start labour because (and here comes the science part) it contains lots of Bromelain, which can help to soften the cervix, as well as an enzyme that can cause mild contractions. What I also found out is that pineapples Tropical Fruit Salad buddies; kiwi, mango and papaya, also contain this enzyme. One issue is that you would have to eat A LOT of these fruits to really get things going, but it is one way of making sure that you staying healthy right up to the end of pregnancy.

Eating Pineapple for breakfast
Eating Pineapple for breakfast.

Making sure I am getting what I need in my diet in terms of fruit and vegetables had been important for me, especially when combined with the other food that I have been eating to try and bring on labour.

I have been devouring curry!

The only issue is I tried to go really spicy and ended up triggering a painful bout of heartburn. So I have been eating curry, but probably not as spicy as would be recommended to trigger any labour.

I did get some Raspberry Leaf Tea, but the smell alone turned my stomach, so I didn’t drink any of it.

Even though I was trying the techniques, I needed to do other things to keep my mind occupied.

I had a little arts and crafts day in which I made a canvas to place by the baby’s crib and put my scan pictures in a photo frame.

Now I do not claim to be the next Leonardo da Vinci, but I am quite proud of my efforts because it adds a personal touch to the decorations in the room.

Shooting star canvas
Shooting star canvas.

It is quite a simple canvas, with a shooting star image, with the lyrics from Ellie Gouldings song How Long Will I Love You. I then added some little stars stickers to give it some depth. It was relatively cheap to do, which is another great thing when expecting a baby. The canvas and star stickers cost £2.00 each from Hobbycraft.

I also put my 12 week and 20 week scans into frames. The frames come as a set of 3 which was £6.00 from Next, they are a beautiful design though super simple. I just have to add one more picture to the middle frame, I am still trying to decide what kind of picture I want to place in the middle, be it a picture of just my newborn baby, or a first picture of the both of us.

My photo frames.
My photo frames.

I will share what I have decided in one of my next posts.

Well that is the end of my week. It wasn’t completely manic, but when you can only move at snails pace you are slightly limited in what you can do.

Hopefully by the time I do a post next week, I will be introducing you to my new baby.

Fingers crossed!

On a side note, I have filmed my first Vlog and it should be ready to go up on my channel soon, but it became a back seat priority to making sure that I was ready in the event that labour did happen. I really won’t be leaving the house much for now till I am going into hospital, just so I don’t get stuck in Tesco or somewhere on my own, so I will be uploading it soon, it just needs a little editing.

Heading in a new direction…

This will not be a usual blog post.

I have been doing something of a different sort for the last few weeks, and I finally feel that I am ready to share with you, the new path that I am going to take.

Alas do not panic, there will still be blog posts to keep you all entertained!

There will be more blog posts in fact.

When I started this blog it was a blog to share my thoughts and feelings. There was no structure as to when these blogs were going to happen, and most of the time they have happened when I really had something to get of my chest, or something super duper to share. This erratic nature is a little too lax for me. I love writing and sharing what is happening, with those of you that read my blog, whether you are and avid reader, or an every now and again kind of reader. I want to share more of my life with you guys, particularly because of the awesome feedback I have had from those that have read my posts.

I am going to add more of what happens in my life. I want to share more moments that happen, everyday kind of things, so time I spend with my friends and family, and especially I would like to share with you the time I spend with my baby.

I would like to share what I am into; beauty products that I cannot get enough of, clothes that have become a staple in my wardrobe, places that I wish to visit again and again, things that keep me entertained like books and films. Also products that I use for my baby, and the things that we do together.

Basically just opening up my life for you guys.

As well as adding more to my blog posts, I have also been working on getting a YouTube Vlog up and running.

I am really looking forward to sharing my life with you guys through the medium of video. This is a big step, because even with editing, it is hard to hide when there is a camera in your face. But this doesn’t bother me. I am actually excited to document in film how things are going in my life.

I also have a special reason to start vlogging. I have family that don’t live nearby and don’t even live in this country. My vlogs will be my way of making sure that I can keep them updated with what is going on in my life, like what is happening in the madness of me becoming a mother.

I really excited to do this, I already have a blog post to go up but I will be putting it up in a few days, I have some tweaking and refining to do first. I don’t have a vlog as yet, but I am in the process of getting that sorted.

I hope you enjoy the way that I take my writing, feed back will be great especially as I find my feet.

Featured image from: http://becuo.com/tumblr-quotes-about-moving-forward

The Final Countdown

♥It’s the final countdown, Do-do-do-doooo-do-d-do-do-do♥


I have made it to WEEK 39 and still no sign of little bumpy making an appearance anytime soon.

And I am taking full advantage of this fact!

As I write this blog post I am lounging in bed with a cup of tea that is still warm, taking to time to sip and savour, whilst pawing through my Cosmopolitan magazine. I know soon that this small act will be a thing of the rarity. I will have the number one distraction to occupy my spare time, and cold cups of tea and coffee will become life.
But boy am I savouring this moment.

I have spent the last week seeing the people I love, going out for meals and coffee catch ups, without the plethora of baby paraphernalia that will accompany Baby and Me if we dare to venture beyond the confines of home.

I am have taken advantage of the fact I can drive to the shops, pull into a space, leap from the car (think less gazelle like leaping and more Orca emerging from the ocean!) and swan to the shops, carelessly locking my car over my shoulder without a backwards glance.

Now you may be mistaken into thinking that I am aggrieved by the changes that I will be facing, whenever Mother Nature decides that it is time I became a mummy, but you would be wrong.

Of all the “negatives” there may be surrounding having a baby. I can honestly say I am the most excited, nervous, and happy I have ever been.

This tiny being who has hiccups, and could win a part in an Alien remake film, with all the moving and dancing that is performed just underneath the surface of my skin. Who terrifies me because of how much love and care I already feel for them, and I know I would do anything to make sure they and safe and know how completely I love them.

This little person who will fully command my attention and time, and I will give it freely, yet doesn’t have a face or a name, who is unknown to me, even as much as I know every kick and wiggle.

Yes things will change, but I have accepted that, and am ready to meet my son or daughter, and move onto this next path of my life.